Write-Up: Brehm Center Institute

Then Their Eyes Were Opened: Paintings by Angelica Sotiriou

All-Seminary Chapel Art Installation

Where: PAYTON 101
Price: FREE

"Candellia" by Angelica Sotiriou“I don’t know how
But suddenly there is no darkness left at all
The sun has poured itself inside me
From a thousand wounds.”
-Nikoforos Vretakos

For the last decade, Angelica Sotiriou has seen the creation of her large-scale painting compositions as a contemplative practice thus borrows the prayerful stance of icon painters. This is one of the many influences engendered by her faith and upbringing as an Orthodox Christian. Indeed, the canvases featured in Payton 101 portray pathways, windows, and portals of light that signify the artist’s personal journey with God.

These images further extend an invitation for the viewer to enter into a spiritual landscape where dark shadows give way to elements of light. Through Sotiriou’s luminous work, inner life meets an exterior world alluding to such liturgical rituals as baptism, the lighting of candles, processions, and the breaking of bread. The artist describes her artistic transactions as wordless cries that mediate her way back home, but the work loudly reveals a dynamic presence that makes place particular such as the depicted burning bush in the painting I AM or the horizon line in Touch by the Sun.

"Mount Tabor" by Angelica SotiriouArtist’s Biography

Angelica Sotiriou holds a Masters of Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of California at Los Angeles. Angelica studied under the tutelage of artists Lee Mullican, Laddie John Dill, Tom Wudl and British artist/printmaker Ian Colverson.

Angelica Sotiriou has been exhibiting her art and teaching art in Los Angeles and the greater communities of California for over three decades. She has worked as a sculptor, creating narrative figurative base-reliefs and currently creates large contemplative narrative acrylic paintings. Her works are in private and public collections of various individuals and organizations including Orange County Art Museum, The Terranea Resort (Palos Verdes), The Francisco Martinez Dance Theater (Los Angeles) and Jerry Bruckheimer (Los Angeles). Angelica has been an active and exhibiting artist in the San Pedro community since 2001, showing at Studio 343, Angels Gate Cultural Center, White Box Gallery, VTB Studio and 2nd. Floor Gallery.

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