Los Angeles Religious Education Congress: Art Exhibit announced 2018

A.-Sotiriou-On-My-Road-15-960[From here:]

This year our Art Exhibit features artist Angelica Sotiriou Rausch (pictured here with her work, “Road to Emmaus”), whose paintings derive much of their imagery from biblical narratives, Scripture and her prayer life. Her recent works of the past two decades have been a personal journey of uncovering and revealing pathways, windows and portals of light and the Holy Spirit. Inspired by the prayerful, contemplative Byzantine process of iconography, her paintings have adopted the multilayered application of paint working from the darkest value and finishing with the lightest value. Her working process is a tenacious pilgrimage/ministry on a quest to reveal God’s Light to the world. In addition, her ministry includes a dedication to teaching visual arts for the last 45 years to communities that often do not have the privilege to have art programs. She maintains her studio/gallery in San Pedro and offers showings to late career artists and to those who have not had the opportunity to share their works in a gallery venue.

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Angelica Sotiriou - Artist Exhibitor at Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2018