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The Moving Icon: Episode 6 – Touching the hem of God interviews Angelica Sotiriou – listen to the  interview or read the full transcript  here!


I do not see my Orthodoxy as a blend or a choice…it is how I breathe, how my heart beats, who I am in Christ. My painting have become what I pray. Luke 12:34,”For where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” As a young artist my sculptures were often of the interior angst I had at being a woman raised in a traditional family and the longing to choose the path of an artist. As I grew into young motherhood my work was about polarities and the angst of losing my artist self to a husband and to my children as being wife and mother. As my children grew so did my need to pray more and to hold onto trusting in the Will of God. As my prayer life increased so my work changed…instead of youthful angst and searching for definitions, my works became all about my relationship with my internal world and relationship with