Angelica Sotiriou Featured in the Orthodox Arts Festival

Dear friends, I am delighted to announce that the Orthodox Arts Festival is now Officially OPEN!


(My work may be seen here.)

Official Announcement:

17/9 – 26/9/2021
In the Orthodox world, a new online Festival has emerged.
ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL will take place from September 17 to 26, 2021.
The event is blessed and supported by his Eminence
Archbishop of Thyateira & Great Britain Nikitas and the Brotherhood of the Orthodox Mission Abroad.
It is considered to be the biggest Online International Festival of Orthodox Artists.
The Festival will be the first to integrate High-Quality 3D technology on its numerous Virtual Reality Galleries (they are the finest in the world).
Over a hundred artists from the areas of Visual Arts, Iconography, Church Architecture, Interior Design, and Liturgical Church Furniture, Music, Chant, Film, Theater, and Literature join the Festival.
You will be able to view online the works of some of the world’s most outstanding Orthodox Artists.
Among them are renowned names such as Jonathan Jackson, a five-time Emmy Award-winning actor, writer, and musician, the Author Paul Kingsnorth, Master Iconographer Giorgos Kordis, the President of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens Nektaria Karantzi, Vassilis Tsambropoulos the Artistic Director and Principal Soloist of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens, as well as many other great artists, experts in their field.
Finally, a really wonderful addition to the program.
We will unveil the world’s first 3D Virtual Reality Saints Museum.
For the time being, the site will be only in English for operational reasons.
For More information please contact:
Orthodox Arts Festival
46A High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DX, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1458 832911, Email: