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About The Artist

I have gone full circle.

For the first twenty years I created large narrative bas-relief figurative sculptures. Working in such a large format required tremendous physical tenacity, which took its toll and, as if by “plan”, brought me back to where my art began many years ago. Over the last decade and one half, drawing and painting, line and color, contemplative compositions have become my ‘voice’ again.

My recent drawings and paintings have been a personal journey of uncovering and revealing pathways, windows and portals of light and of spirit.

These days, when I face my canvas, I seem to be standing on a precipice. I am a witness to voyeuristic conversations exchanged between my mind, my heart and my artist hand. Each new work has illuminated another section of a path that takes me further into un-chartered visceral silence. Creating these works has become a wordless cry to find my way back home again.

I am grateful.

~Angelica Sotiriou